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Where We Meet

Adventure Yacht Harbor · 3948 South Peninsula Drive · Port Orange Florida 32127

What to Bring

Food, drink, sun protection, and a camera. Bring your Lunch box, and drinks along, since stores are scarce once we leave the dock! Water and Sports drinks are best for staying hydrated and energized, bring plenty. Food: we have no oven, so bring what you would to a picnic. I myself like food that I can eat with one hand, so I can keep fishing with the other! Long loose light colored clothes offer the most comfort and protection from the sun. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses. A camera to catch the action, and record your catch is a good idea. A cooler for you car, to bring your catch home. A rain poncho is a good idea given that in Florida its always a possibility, and the fish don’t stop eating just because of rain. A water resistant windbreaker works also. We will bring a cooler with ice for your food and drinks. If you choose to bring you own, please keep them to the 6-pack or 12 pack size for storage consideration on the boat.

What We Supply

We supply all bait, ice, tackle and equipment for a day of fishing. We also provide the State fishing license, and Federal Fishing Permits as required by law. Fish cleaning can be done for you within the total trip time, however this would require the time at sea being reduced, since we are not permitted to clean fish until we return to Port.

What NOT to Bring

Hard liquor, glass bottles, dark soled shoes, spray on sunscreen, any illegal substance (no matter how minor). If cigarettes are necessary, we have a smokers room off the back of the boat! GPS devices should not be brought on the boat (we have all that is needed).


This, like any other service such as restaurants, is a personal choice. Traditionally Charter crews rely on tips to supplement their incomes. When a Mate is used in addition to the Captain, they are working solely for tips. When the Captain serves as your mate, he too appreciates any gratuities extended to him at the trip’s end. Some Charters suggest a percentage, however, we feel its best for you to decide what the service rendered for the day’s trip was worth to you and your group.

“Please remember that how hard the crew works to help you have an enjoyable time is not always reflected in the ‘icebox’. There are times that no matter how hard we try, the fish will not bite. On days like this, the crew typically works much harder to help you enjoy the day!”

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